Chair’s Column: Requirements for Full-Time Clinical Faculty Appointment at the University of Toronto: Myth Busting and Truth Telling

I often hear about the ‘hurdles’ the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto requires people to jump over to obtain a faculty appointment, and I know that some perceive a lack of transparency in the process. In this column, with the help of our PICs and the Faculty of Medicine, I will do my best to bust the myths and misperceptions that are out there regarding faculty appointment.
Apr 8 / 2019

Retirement: Highlights of a new sunset

Professor Emeritus George Fantus
Apr 2 / 2019

Appointments & Awards: April 2019

Awards Canadian Association for HIV Research Sharmistha Mishra, CAHR-CANFAR Excellence in Research AwardThe Excellence in Research Awards program is intended to highlight and celebrate the contributions of Canadian researchers in HIV/AIDS research in Canada and internationally. 
Apr 1 / 2019
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