Chair's Column: The Toronto Advantage

Welcome back! I hope you have had some much needed rest and relaxation over the summer months. 
Sep 5 / 2017

Emergency Medicine: Faculty sign up for CaRMS, Oral Exams, RAD

We are seeking faculty interested in participating in several events we will have during the 2017/18 academic year. To sign-up please contact Jennifer Robertson. The program will confirm with volunteers by the listed date.  
Sep 5 / 2017

City, Creativity & Collaboration: Why Three Faculty Members Chose U of T

Vincent Piguet, Division Director, DermatologyJuly 2017 I have enjoyed an exciting international career, working in the U.S., Switzerland and the UK.
Sep 1 / 2017

Emergency Medicine: Dr. Heslop/World-Class Ultramarathoner

Congratulations to Claire Heslop, UHN ED Physician, who came in fifth overall (and the second fastest woman) on the Track (an ultramarathon in the Australian Outback)
Sep 1 / 2017
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