Hospital at Home has Launched

Hospital at Home has launched! We are now providing hospital level care in the home for patients who come to the ED and would otherwise need admission for CHF, AECOPD, or CAP. This project, designed by OpenLab, is a collaboration with UHN, SHS, WCH, St. Eliz. and the Mid-West Toronto region of the TC-LHIN.
Nov 12 / 2018

Canada Foundation for Innovation: Request for Feedback

The Canada Foundation for Innovation's 2018 budget allocated significant and ongoing funding for research infrastructure. This presents a tremendous opportunity to consider the future of research infrastructure as a strategic platform to fuel the ambitions of Canada’s research community and strengthen its long-term capacity to think big and innovate.
Nov 12 / 2018

The Opioid Chapters: Chapter 3 - Michael

Fifteen years ago, Michael suffered a back injury while working as a cameraman. Opioids are the only treatment that gives him some degree of pain relief. 
Nov 7 / 2018

Doctors' Notes: Dispelling the common myths about dementia

Republished from the Toronto Star's Doctors' Notes Health misinformation can leave people unnecessarily afraid or pessimistic about illnesses, transforming them into the “worried well.” Or it can feed into denial, making people unrealistically hopeful about their condition.
Nov 6 / 2018
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