Clerkship Awards

Medicine Clinical Clerkship Performance Awards

Introduced in 2016, these Department of Medicine awards recognize recipients for achieving high academic standing in the Internal Medicine Clerkship at the University of Toronto.

2016-2017 Recipients

Sally Carver Sarah Chauvin Rachel Eikelboom Lauren Glick Tyler Hauer
Dale Jechel Brian Kim Alexander Koven Catherine Leurer Daniel Li
Kaitlyn Mellor Kailey Minnings Wynn Peterson Marla Prager Karishma Ramjee
Preeni Rathuge Lianne Rotin Michael Ruiz Kishan Shani Bethany So
Katherine Steckham Brandon Tang Sarah Voll Xin Wang Kelsey Watson
Megan Woolner Eric Yung      

Past Recipients

Medicine Convocation Awards

Each year at the convocation ceremony the Faculty of Medicine celebrates graduating students who performed well in the internal medicine clerkship at the University of Toronto.

2017 Recipients

The Chappell Prize

Benjamin Chin-Yee 

Joseph Aiken 3T3 Scholarship in Medicine

Curtis Williams

Dr. Mitchell Kohan Scholarship

Benjamin Chin-Yee 

Dr. Murray Shafran Scholarship

Jonathan Ripstein 

Dr. Henry and Helen Goldenberg Haematology Award

Inna Gong

Dr. Fred Douglas Memorial Award

Yael Feinberg 

Dr. Samuel J. Streight, O.B.E., Scholarship in Internal Medicine

Jalal Ebrahim 

Dr. K.J.R. Wightman Award in Internal Medicine

William Silverstein 

Dr. Kenzie Takahashi Scholarship in Medicine and Surgery

Anthony Wan

Past Recipients


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