Department of Medicine

CBD Coach of the Year


The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding clinical assessment/feedback of Competence by Design (CBD) residents during the previous academic year. The nomination process is facilitated by the outgoing chiefs of the RCPC-EM residents. Nominees will:

  • demonstrate high clinical and education standards;
  • provide constructive and honest feedback;
  • complete EPA (entrustable professional activity) assessments in a timely manner;
  • stimulate critical thinking and inquiry;
  • enhance learning through their enthusiasm for emergency medicine.

Nomination Process

  1. The nomination process is facilitated by the chief RCPC-EM residents.
  2. A call for nominations is to be circulated to all current RCPC-EM residents eight weeks prior to Resident Academic Day.
  3. Nominations are accepted from current RCPC-EM residents in the CBD stream.
  4. A nomination letter of 250-500 words, detailing the outstanding clinical teaching ability of the nominee, must be submitted to the chief RCPC-EM residents six weeks prior to Research Academic Day.
  5. All nomination letters are circulated to the current RCPC-EM residents four weeks prior to the award selection.
  6. Selection of the award recipient is made four weeks prior to Research Academic Day by a simple majority vote of the CBD residents.


  1. Nominees must have an academic appointment in one of the three divisions of emergency medicine at the University of Toronto.
  2. The award recipient can only receive this award once every five years.


  1. All nominees will receive a copy of their nomination letter.
  2. The Division of Emergency Medicine, Department of Medicine, will be provided with a copy of all nomination letters.
  3. The award recipient will be presented with a plaque, funded by the Division of Emergency Medicine, by the chief RCPC-EM residents at the Research Academic Day.