The Division of Neurology is a vibrant community of neurologists under the leadership of Dr. Xavier Montalban, numbering approximately 71 full-time members across the University of Toronto. We consist of many diverse and exciting subspecialties including movement disorders, epilepsy, neuromuscular disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, behavioural neurology, sleep, headache, general neurology, neuro-ophthalmology and neuro-oncology.  With this breadth of expertise, we are proud to be able to provide outstanding care, research, and training opportunities in any subspecialty in the field.

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Neurology Research

Our faculty members conduct a wide range of research from basic molecular and genetic studies, animal models of diseases, drug discovery, human physiological and imaging studies, clinical trials to clinical epidemiology and health services research.

Neurology Fellowships

The Department of Medicine offers more than 100 fellowships across our affiliated hospital sites. More than 10 of those fellowships are through the Division of Neurology.

Resident Resources

Where you’ll find everything from trainee schedules, manuals, learning resources and more.

Division Director

Meet the Divison Director for Neurology

Clinical Programs

Our division offers many clinical programs including movement disorders, neuromuscular diseases, epilepsy and sleep disorders.


In 1905, Dr. Meyers established the "Nervous Wards" at the Toronto General Hospital, which also treated "functional neuroses" in indigent patients...