Emergency Medicine: Where The Fellows Are Now

Former EMS Fellows

Mohamed Al Busafi
Chief at Royal Hospital in Muscat

Fergal McCourt FACEM (Fellow of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine)
Staff Specialist in Emergency Medicine, Liverpool Hospital, Sydney, Australia
Staff Specialist in Retrieval Medicine, Greater Sydney Area HEMS, Ambulance Service of NSW

Cathal O'Donnell
Consultant in Emergency Medicine
Mid-Western Regional Hospitals, Limerick & Ennis

Dr. O'Donnell has recently been appointed National Medical Director of the Irish Ambulance Service.

Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Currently Dr. Ryan is working as a consultant in emergency medicine in Limerick, Ireland. He continues to participate in EMS working both locally with their EMS service and nationally with the Advanced Paramedic program in University College, Dublin.

Former Trauma Fellows

Monica Gope
Emergency Department Consultant 
Clinical Senior Lecturer at UWA

Dr. Gope is working at Royal Perth Hospital, a tertiary referral centre and Major (level 1) trauma centre in Perth, Western Australia. She has just stepped down from deputy director of trauma for the hospital to focus on a few other things. Dr. Gope also brought the PARTY programme from Sunnybrook to Australia - and it seems to have taken off.

Goh Pak Liang Ben
Consultant Emergency Physician
Accident and Emergency Department
Changi General Hospital

Ahmad Mahmoud Wazzan MD, SSC-EM, ArBEM
Consultant Traumatologist, Emergency Physician
Chair, Emergency Department, Al-Noor Specialiest Hospital
Holy Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Wazzan has recently been appointed as the chair of the emergency department in Al-Noor Specialist Hospital in his home town Makkah, which has the biggest ED in the city and is one of the biggest across the Kingdom. This ED sees more than 300,000 patients a year. The hospital serves as a level 1 trauma centre. Dr. Wazzan also works clinically as a consultant (staff) in the department. They are working on initiating their residency training program in the coming months.

Former Pre-Hospital & Transport Medicine Fellow

Steven Brooks
Clinician-Scientist at Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute and the Sunnybrook Research Institute
Emergency Physician at Sunnybrook HSC.

Dr. Brooks studies knowledge translation in cardiac arrest. Most of his work is around trying to improve bystander resuscitation in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and also the quality of care in the post resuscitation period. He participates in a number of research systhesis activities including systematic reviews on aspects of emergency cardiovascular care (mechanical CPR devices and strategies for acute coronary syndromes) and he is a member of the American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support Subcommittee.

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