Department of Medicine

Hospital at Home has Launched

Nov 12, 2018
Tina Teng

Hospital at Home has launched! We are now providing hospital level care in the home for patients who come to the ED and would otherwise need admission for CHF, AECOPD, or CAP. This project, designed by OpenLab, is a collaboration with UHN, SHS, WCH, St. Eliz. and the Mid-West Toronto region of the TC-LHIN.

If patients meet specific criteria and consent, they are moved home within 24-72 hours of admission. They are seen up to twice daily by a skilled visiting nurse who liaises with the Hospital at Home MD or NP. As there is no integrated EPR between the collaborating hospitals, the St. Eliz Medocity web, phone, and tablet-enabled electronic record is used. Vitals are measured on blue-tooth enabled devices that auto-populates the Medocity record. Patients and caregivers record symptoms, which send alerts when outside of range. Medications can be given iv if necessary, POCT can generate electrolytes, Cr, lactate, and BNP on the spot. Other tests can be sent to the hospital lab.

Building this program has been a huge team effort between the partners, staff from many departments, and senior administrators. As was said by one member “It’s like building a new hospital!” Patients and family appreciate the chance to go home and express their gratitude that they “are not stuck in the hospital or the ED hallway”.

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