Physical Medicine & Rehabiliation: Welcome

The Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation has a strong clinical focus across a wide breadth of research areas. Our research spans a number of physical locations across the Greater Toronto Area.

At a systems level, we have led the development of important national guidelines around delivery of care in stroke, brain injury, and spinal cord injury. We have developed a number of Cochrane reviews addressing musculoskeletal pain and disability. We are leading an educational model called Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (Project ECHO Ontario), in which we teach primary care physicians how to best care for patients with pain and other disabilities.

We have a strong group of faculty focused on quality improvement and patient safety. This includes areas such as introduction of morbidity and mortality rounds into the rehabilitation arena, shortening the length of time between transitions in care and improving patient education.

Our faculty and residents have active research programs in treatment of specific clinical disorders including: spasticity, myofascial pain, amputee rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation and peripheral nervous system injuries.

We are continuing to make innovative research discoveries and translating that knowledge into the clinical setting, so that patients with disabilities can improve function and community participation after serious illness and injury.


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