General Internal Medicine: Conference Scholarship Award

University of Toronto Division of General Internal Medicine
Conference Scholarship Award

Updated: June 2018


To encourage outstanding internal medicine residents at the University of Toronto to engage in academic projects in the field of general internal medicine.


Maximum of $500, towards covering the cost of attending a conference related to general internal medicine at which the resident is presenting a scientific abstract or clinical vignette.

Application Criteria and Process:

  1. The scientific abstract or clinical vignette must have been completed under the supervision or co-supervision of a U of T Division of General Internal Medicine (GIM) faculty member.
  2. The scientific abstract or clinical vignette should be presented at a conference related to General Internal Medicine (e.g., Canadian Society of Internal Medicine, Society of General Internal Medicine, International Conference on Residency Education, Canadian Conference on Medical Education, ACP Internal Medicine).
  3. Residents should submit a completed scholarship application form with supporting documentation.
  4. Residents will be notified of a decision within three weeks of the submission of their application.
  5. When two or more residents are co-authors of a scientific abstract or clinical vignette, each resident may apply separately for a General Internal Medicine Conference Scholarship.
  6. A resident is eligible to receive a maximum of one GIM Conference Scholarship per academic year.
  7. Recipients of the GIM Conference Scholarship should submit original receipts of their conference-related expenses to obtain reimbursement, up to a maximum of $500. Expenses exceeding $500 will not be reimbursed.  Reimbursement Request along with original receipts must be submitted within 8 weeks post event.

Note: Residents in the General Internal Medicine PGY4-5 Program should request support from Dr. Tara O’Brien, GIM program director (, through Ms. Hayley Spence, GIM administrative assistant (

Application Form

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