Appointments & Awards: November 2018

Appointments Mark Bayley, Program Medical Director for Toronto Rehab and Physiatrist in Chief for UHN Anil Chopra, Vice President, Medical Affairs, University Health Network An-Wen Chan, Member of the CIHR Advisory Board for the Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis; Chair of the World Health Organization Advisory Panel for the International Clinical Trials Registry Platform
Nov 6 / 2018

Doctors' Notes: Dispelling the common myths about dementia

Republished from the Toronto Star's Doctors' Notes Health misinformation can leave people unnecessarily afraid or pessimistic about illnesses, transforming them into the “worried well.” Or it can feed into denial, making people unrealistically hopeful about their condition.
Nov 6 / 2018

Department of Medicine Self-Study: Report from the Learners

RE: University of Toronto Internal Medicine Postgraduate Training Program
Nov 6 / 2018

Meet the Department of Medicine’s Millennial Representatives, the newest members of the DoM Executive Committee

In 2015 the Department of Medicine appointed its first two Millennial Representatives to the DoM Executive Committee – Drs. Sam Sabbah and Savannah Cardew. They were added to the DoM executive committee to help ensure that the perspectives, interests and needs of younger faculty members are considered in the department’s activities. The department is very grateful to Sam and Savannah for their contributions.  
Nov 6 / 2018
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