Chair's Column: The Departmental Division Director – Straw Dog or Change Agent?

The Departmental Division Director – Straw Dog or Change Agent?
Feb 6 / 2018

Competence by Design: The Rubber Hits the Road

Two years after our first field tests started, we’re excited to be preparing for the formal launch of Competence by Design (CBD) in the Emergency Medicine, Nephrology and Medical Oncology programs on July 1, 2018!  As we get ready for the launch, we want to update you on the progress that’s been made so far, and let you know about the people in our department who’ll be responsible for leading the implementation of CBD.
Feb 6 / 2018

Medical Humanities Education Matching Funding Grants

Background Post MD Education welcomes semi-annual submission of proposals requesting matching funding in support of proposed projects enhancing integration, application, and/or education within the scholarship of medical humanities and humanism in postgraduate medical education. Funded projects are intended to align with both the best practices in medical humanities and the specific residency programs’ educational priorities.
Feb 5 / 2018

Emergency Medicine: Dr. Heslop - New Faculty Appointment

We are pleased to announce that Dr.
Feb 2 / 2018
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