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Emergency Medicine- PD Post Feb 2018

Feb 13, 2018

Feb 2018 – CBD launch July 2018!Nazanin Meshkat Picture 2016.jpeg

I just broke a two-year moratorium on watching TV this past month. I had the flu, and in my delirious, feverish state I watched “The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel”. It’s good! Highly recommend it! I am a sucker for time-capsule shows that comment on cultural and societal norms. This show highlights the 1950’s roles that women were expected to play, and did play for years. In the 50 + years that have lapsed since, the shift has been astronomical. To highlight, in a court scene, the main character says (I paraphrase) “Your honour, I apologize for my behavior earlier. My emotions got the better of me. After all I am a woman.” Wowza! Can you imagine??!!

It’s easy to appreciate the implications of cultural norms once we have been freed from their grip. Harder to appreciate the reach of those cultural norms and shifts while we live in them.

Change is on my mind, as we are undergoing a major cultural change in medicine… The name of the change is not very sexy, but we have to keep it: Competence by Design.

We are launching CBD in July 2018 for the incoming PGY 1 residents. They will be embarking on a wave of change whose repercussions we are going to live for decades. Faculty, existing residents, program directors, PGME offices, administrative staff, patients…are all going to feel this change as well.

The Emergency Medicine CBD committee has been working hard in the last 18 months to make this change as seamless as possible. The committee has taken the changes that are mandated by the Royal College and PGME, and adapted them locally with the learners and our faculty at the center of it. We have just finished our first rounds of visits to the core sites providing an “Intro to CBD”, and will continue our engagement in the months leading to CBD, and beyond.

Here are some dates of interest:

March 26, 2018 CPD _ Lessons and Best Practices in Building a Feedback Culture

April 18, 2018 – CBD Rounds

Site specific training sessions: “How to use EPA assessment tools?”

CBD Faculty Training Site Sessions- Introduction to CBD Assesment Tools

Site Date Location

June 8, 2018 @ 12:00


May 17, 2018 @ 11:45-13:00

TWH, Fell Pavilion, 6th floor, room 103
SMH May 10, 2018 @ 10:00 1-011 Bond Conf Room


(What are EPA’s? – click here)


In the March PD Post we will announce our Competence Committee members. (What is a Competence Committee? click here.)