Department of Medicine

Division of Neurology: University of Toronto - Neuromuscular Day

Mar 23, 2018
Invitation Only

Keynote Speaker: Professor Mary Reilly, University College London
“From the Spanish Armada to Gene Therapy”

Breakfast 7:00-8:00 AM

Early Morning Talks: 8:00-9:50
8:00-9:00 Dr. Mary Reilly (University College London) - From the Spanish Armada to Gene Therapy
9:00-9:25 Dr. Carolina Barnett - Defining Treatment Goals in Neuromuscular Disorders
9:25-9:50 Dr. Charles Kassardjian - Preventing adverse events in neuromuscular patients on immunosuppression... Where's the data?

Coffee Break: 9:50-10:10

Late Morning Talks: 10:10-11:50
1010-1035 Dr. Vera Bril - Small Fibre Neuropathy in Neurofibromatosis 1
1035-1100 Dr. Hans Katzberg - Respiratory Aspects of Neuromuscular Disease
1100-1125 Dr. Lorne Zinman and Dr. Agessandro Abrahao - MRI-Guided Focus Ultrasound: A New Frontier in the Delivery of Therapeutics for ALS
1125-1150 Dr. Ari Breiner - What constitutes cytoalbuminologic dissociation?

Lunch: 11:50-13:00

Afternoon Talks: 13:00-14:40
13:00-13:25 Dr. Dubravka Dodig- Treating Myasthenia Gravis in 2018
13:25-13:50 Dr. Aaron Izenberg - Edaravone and other emerging ALS treatments
13:50-14:15 Dr. Abdulrahman Ali - Triger Factors for MG relapse, preliminary data
14:15-14:40 Dr. Tayir Alon - Mononeuropathies in patients with Diabetes

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